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The first gig of the Hackney Diamonds Tour on 28 April was at the Houston NRG Stadium in Texas with backing singer Chanel Haynes being the only personnel change. New songs Angry, Mess It Up and Sweet Sounds Of Heaven were featured from the new album. The set was 19 numbers with Keith only playing Little T&A. It is likely from rehearsals that Tell Me Straight will be added to the setlist in future shows. Out Of Time continued to be featured having first been played in 2022. Start Me Up was the opener and Sweet Sounds and Satisfaction concluded. The band had some first night nerves but indicated their performance could be raised. The stage reflected that the tour is in stadiums taking advantage of wide state of the art video screens and LED lighting.

30 April 2024

The live, archive releases from The Rolling Stones in recent years. The latest will be released on Record Store Day 20 April 2024. It is the vinyl version of LIVE AT RACKET - NYC which was recorded from a live New York nightclub performance in October 2023 to promote their HACKNEY DIAMONDS studio album. Only a month earlier we had the release on all audio and visual formats of LIVE AT THE WILTERN featuring the Wiltern Theatre performance from the Licks tour shows in 2002. It is easy to see why the event did not feature in the Four Flicks DVD project from 2003. It is low in light and quality but high in performance and setlist variety. The Paris Olympia show is better in quality and film. GRRR LIVE! was from the December 2012 concert at the Prudential Centre in New Jersey and released on CD, Vinyl and DVD. The Four Flicks DVD's arena featured the Madison Square Garden performance of the 18 January 2003, and this is included in its entirety on LICKED LIVE IN NYC. The star of the recent releases is the audio-only mix by Bob Clearmountain of EL MOCAMBO 1977 which contains a show from Toronto. It is a powerful reminder of the joys of the Stones in a small club with a diverse setlist and a loose, proficient performance.

The frequency of the archive releases must be welcomed however, the releases are let down by the lack of details within the credits. In all releases, the original recording team is not mentioned. The album covers are bland and lack imagination with only the smallest link to the venue and year. Where are the photos from the likes of Ken Regan, Brian Rasic, Dave Hogan and Hendrik Mulder?

10 April 2024

HOT STUFF INDEED - Matt Lee is a Rolling Stones superfan who has amassed a huge collection of Stones memorabilia and collectables. His collection is so impressive that he displays it on his museum-like premises in London. He is a Guinness World Record holder for the number of Rolling Stones items. Matt Lee has released two books, the first in 2021 by Welbeck and a lavishly produced edition by Genesis Publications at the end of 2023 including extra chapters. I first spoke with Matt Lee in 2017 regarding a book collaboration that would present high-quality photographs with an explanatory narrative. Matt asked me to fact-check his Welbeck book, written with Chris Lehourites, in early 2021 which took me several days to achieve. Such was my input that I was privileged that Matt decided I should be credited as the book's editor. In April 2023, Matt asked me to check the Genesis manuscript for the extra chapters that updated the book to 2022 and featured the solo works of each band member. The book's credits include incredible personal quotations by each member of the band (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood). I am glad to be involved with Matt who I first met in 1999 in such a worthwhile history of the band. Unfortunately, the Genesis version is a limited edition and is sold out. However, the Welbeck edition is still available and is in a well-produced hardback at 20 GBP.

9 January 2024

A Hackney Diamonds North American tour has been announced. It begins next year on 28 April in Houston and ends 17 July in Santa Clara. There are thoughts the tour will extend beyond July in Europe or further afield. Consult the IORR website for updates and Rolling Stones site for ticket details.

22 November 2023

The new album was released a week ago and by now Stones fans have had a chance to listen to the tracks either a few times or on repeat. The standout tracks have been released as singles. Angry has been incredibly popular and the catchy refrain resonates repeatedly in many brains. The well-constructed songwriting of Sweet Sounds features two huge singing stars having fun together. It evolves into a sweet soul gospel workout with the underlying keyboard work of Stevie Wonder no less. Steve Jordan is the drummer on nine tracks replacing our beloved Charlie Watts. He has Stones connections built over 40 years and admirably fits the bill. The album has a different groove enhanced by the album's high-end production. Charlie is present on two tracks from 2019 of which one features Bill Wyman. The album's conciseness helps to leave a positive impact. Whole Wide World, Get Close, Live By The Sword are up there and Rollin' Stone is a classy fitting close. The credits indicate a diverse number of studios and engineering staff. Andrew Watt was tasked with bringing the band and their possible songs together. He added songwriting, embellished the song's chorus/harmonies, and framed an album. It is thanks to him that a product evolved in such a short timescale. The band recruited him during last year's summer. They entered the studio in September and completed by March this year. Where will it sit in a year amongst their huge catalogue? It provides after 18-years a much-needed tasty product.

30 October 2023

7 September 2023

On the surface a re-release of FORTY LICKS provides little value in the huge lull before a new studio album. The compilation shuffled 36 hits spanning 1963 to 1997 and contained four newbies from 2002. However, it is the first available vinyl release of FORTY LICKS in the Stones 60th anniversary year. It was prepared recently on four-disc 180-gram black vinyl at Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Mastering and was released on 28 July 2023. The insert contains full credits for the 40 tracks. A digital download of the album is also available for the first time and a spatial audio Dolby Atmos version (on streaming services only) for those with the appropriate listening hardware.

14 August 2023

22 August 2023

On the surface a re-release of FORTY LICKS provides little value in the huge lull before a new studio album. The compilation shuffled 36 hits spanning 1963 to 1997 and contained four newbies from 2002. However, it is the first available vinyl release of FORTY LICKS in the Stones 60th anniversary year. It was prepared recently on four-disc 180-gram black vinyl at Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Mastering and was released on 28 July 2023. The insert contains full credits for the 40 tracks. A digital download of the album is also available for the first time and a spatial audio Dolby Atmos version (on streaming services only) for those with the appropriate listening hardware.

14 August 2023

There has been no news this year from the Rolling Stones. We have had gigs every year since the 50th anniversary (except pandemic 2020). A tour of North America was expected but cancelled in February. The ultra long awaited new album is likely to be released this autumn. We will see. We are privelidged to have such a longevity and as we saw last weekend from Willie Nelson, it's not all over now.

3 May 2023

*** The impending tour announcement is now on hold. ***

15 February 2023

The Stones are piecing together a series of dates for a North American tour in June and July this year. It would be a continuation of their 60th anniversary 2022 shows. The tour name may be different since it is likely they will be able to promote the release of a new studio album. The reliable source BV from IORR has a list of rumoured dates and venues.

14 February 2023

Today was the release of the Stones new archive product. GRRR LIVE! is the pay-per-view concert filmed on 15 December 2012 at the Prudential Centre, Newark in New York. The advertising media states it is a 'fantastic compilation of the band's classic hits!' The concert featured a number of special guests including Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jnr, The Black Keys, Mick Taylor and Bruce Springsteen. Ken Ehrlich produced the film originally titled 'One More Shot' and it was directed by Gregg Gelfand. The concert was recorded by Dave Natale and Michael Heffernan. Declan Gaffney mixed the sound. Tracks that jump out include the cover Who Do You Love, Midnight Rambler and on the bonus tracks Around And Around from the concert on 13 December. The Japanese version contains extra tracks and video from the 13th. The series of six concerts in London and New York celebrated their 50-years together.

10 February 2023

The Stones have just completed a couple of weeks full band sessions in New York. Ronnie Wood has confirmed that in another few weeks they will be finishing off the new album in Los Angeles. Talking to GB News on Saturday 15 October he also thought there would be new gigs in 2023. Ronnie's Abstract Stones

17 October 2022

This official archive release proves that the 70s had the Stones at their live peak, They may not be at their most polished or have the best staged show, but they provide raw rock, rhythm and blues with attitude and arrogance. The release contains 23 varied numbers from the 4/5 March 1977 performances. It is the best Stones archive release since Brussels 1973. The original recordings were made by Eddie Kramer and Ron Nevison using the Record Plant mobile. It has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain.

17 May 2022

This week Amsterdam is beckoning the Stones to rehearsals for their 2022 European tour with 14 dates announced so far. Could there be one additional warm-up gig before the start in Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium on 1 June? Tour details at IORR.

11 May 2022

A private memorial concert was held for Charlie Watts at Ronnie Scott's club 6 December with band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Darryl Jones, Steve Jordan, Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler and Tim Ries accompanied by Lila Ammons, Mark Flanagan, Dave Green, Jools Holland, Gilson Lavis, Ben Waters, Tom Waters and Axel Swingenberger.

7 December 2021

The LOST & FOUND: RARITIES album released on 22 October includes nine re-worked out-takes.
To minimise the amount of effort necessary to complete an out-takes disc, cover songs were considered. These would have completed lyrics, and most were instrumentally done - Drift Away, Shame, Shame, Shame and Troubles A' Comin came into that category. It's A Lie had been a serious contender for the original TATTOO album when a master had been prepared. Several had been considered to provide single B-sides. When Chuck Leavell first joined the Stones sessions in 1982 and 1983, he had added keyboards to Drift Away, Fiji Jim and Shame, Shame, Shame with Chris Kimsey engineering. Other outtakes would have been already reviewed by Mick Jagger for the GOATS HEAD SOUP extras disc, such as Living In The Heart Of Love, Wind Call (now known as Come To The Ball) and Fast Talking, Slow Walking.
The album highlights are the chronological early ones - namely Fast Talking conjuring up a Nicky Hopkins Honky Chateau piano, a rejuvenated Come To The Ball thanks to Mick's striking vocals on what was originally an unremarkable melody and a fighting riff from Living In The Heart Of Love. There follows the well-known cover Drift Away, the substandard reggae of Start Me Up until the Chris Kimsey era kicks in with Fiji Jim, the great Jimmy Reed cover of Shame, Shame, Shame, then Keith Richards' choice of Troubles A' Comin and finally It's A Lie.

9 November 2021

The much bootlegged out-take Let's Go Steady Again recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas (January to February 1979) has just been released. It is featured on a retrospective album by Kristi Kimsey which was recorded from 1977-1979 and produced by Chris Kimsey. The track is a duet between Keith Richards and Kristi who gave his blessing to the cover made popular by Sam Cooke being released. It is on Kristi's album As I Look Back which is available from the usual streaming and download media outlets. Undercover Music Ltd

4 October 2021

The TATTOO YOU re-issue due on 22 October 2021 has so far revealed two new e-Singles. Living In The Heart Of Love was issued in August and Troubles A' Comin on 30 September 2021. Six additional tracks will be released on the Lost & Found: Rarities extra disc.

4 October 2021

The Rolling Stones are part way through their re-scheduled USA No Filter tour. This is the first tour without their friend and drummer Charlie Watts. There have been emotional tributes to Charlie. The show goes on, Steve Jordan has stepped in and the band have played new songs Troubles A' Comin and Living In A Ghost Town from their extensive repertoire.

4 October 2021

A reflection of the greatest rhythmic drummer in rock and roll.

Charlie Watts RIP

25 August 2021

Such sad news today following the announcement of the death of Charlie Watts. Condolences to his family. He will be hugely missed. Charlie Is My Darling - indeed - RIP. Photo by Richard Ecclestone.

24 August 2021

The band are determined to proceed with their USA No Filter tour leg this autumn despite Charlie Watts withdrawing due to a recent medical operation. Steve Jordan will replace him. We wish him all the best and a full recovery. The Daily Mail report from 5 August.

5 August 2021

The re-scheduled 2020 No Filter Tour leg has been announced for the fall of 2021 in North America. There are gaps in the schedule to allow for extra dates. The official Stones website will have ticket information for three new dates.

22 July 2021

The Daily Mail has reported that Mick Jagger is in London to finish off the Stones new album which will be released later this year. He has been working with Charlie Watts and Ron Wood while Keith Richards has been contributing from his home in the USA. It is also apparent that they have worked on overdubs for a TATTOO YOU retrospective release. These are referred to as 'basement tracks'.

12 July 2021

Another archive release of live tracks is due on 9 July 2021. The Copacabana Beach concert from 2006 has been upgraded and the entire concert will be available with four songs only previously seen on bootleg via Brazilian television. The De-Luxe version of the vinyl, CD, Blu-ray and DVD packages will contain the Salt Lake City concert from 22 November 2005.

New Musical Express Comment

11 May 2021

A new rocking tune has appeared via Mick Jagger's Twitter account. It features Dave Grohl on guitar, bass and drums with Mick on rhythm guitar and vocals. WATCH IT HERE Easy Sleazy Video

13 April 2021

A further seven out-takes previously unheard have appeared on the web for download. Two are completely new songs. Ronnie's Song is from Nov - Dec 1982 and is a cover of Otis Redding's Don't Mess With Cupid and is sung by Ronnie Wood. Don't Want Somebody Else is from Apr - May 1993. There are excellent early versions of Saint Of Me, Might As Well Get Juiced and Low Down as well as Undercover Of The Night and You Got Me Rocking.

6 April 2021

Two weeks ago exciting news was revealed of a treasure trove of 50 new out-takes from a Japanese bootleg - 'Fully Finished Studio Outtakes'. The original source has not been identified for these recordings. According to the 'reliable' Sun newspaper the Stones management provided no comment. The tracks are of excellent quality and likely to be from 320 kbps files. They have been leaked on the web and can be located easily. At Stones Sessions we have identified 28 new takes of previously heard tracks,13 previously unavailable, 5 new vocals on older tracks, 2 previously available, 1 track upgrade and 1 track by MJ. Images will be posted on Facebook and Twitter of the track names (@StonesSessions). The Stones Sessions appendices will be updated very soon on this website. Many of the recording dates are open to conjecture and educated opinion.

18 March 2021

Keith Richards posted images from his social media accounts on 5 and 11 February that he had been in a New York studio on 4 Feb. He stated: 'New music on the horizon!'. Was he overdubbing on tracks recorded by Mick Jagger for the potential new album?

16 February 2021

The Rolling Stones in 2020 - a quick recap. It was quite a year despite no live concerts.
* January - ABKCO released tracks online from 1969 to allow potential future release. These included session and live numbers from 1969.
* March to June - Unknown session tracks by MJ and KR in Tours, France and New York, USA respectively for potential new album.
* March - download bootleg release of 150+ tracks Art Collins Session Tapes from 1977-1983 mainly from Pathe Marconi, Paris.
* April - Release of new track Living In A Ghost Town from sessions in Jan to Feb 2019 at British Grove, London and Henson Studios, Los Angeles. Overdubs from MJ's home studio in France early 2020.
* April - Release of version of You Can't Always Get What You Want recorded April 2020 at band home studios for broadcast on 'One World Together At Home'.
* July - Japan only release of LA Forum (13 Jul 1975) with new mix by Sam Wheat of standard 2014 release with Bob Clearmountain mix.
* July - Release of 1974 out-take Scarlet featuring Jimmy Page with overdubs by MJ from Spring 2020.
* August - recently revealed studio notes refer to unavailable BLACK AND BLUE session tracks from Musicland, Munich (Dec 1974) and De Doelan, Rotterdam (Jan - Feb 1975).
* September - de-luxe GOATS HEAD SOUP re-release including out-takes Criss Cross (Jagger, Richards, Taylor) and All The Rage (previously known as You Should Have Seen Her Ass). Both include overdubs by MJ from his home studio, Tours, and Paris studio, France in Spring 2020.
Additionally, the RARITIES AND ALTERNATIVE MIXES disc had unheard mixes and takes. The Japanese edition also included two extra mixes. In addition the album version was remixed by Giles Martin.
* September - archive audio and visual release of STEEL WHEELS LIVE concert from 19 Dec 1989, Atlantic City Center, Atlantic City. This included guest artists of Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin on a rare performance of Salt Of The Earth, Eric Clapton on Little Red Rooste and John Lee Hooker with Eric Clapton on Boogie Chillen'. RARE REELS includes five bonus tracks from 1989/1990 concerts.
* September - visual release worldwide of 24 Feb 1990 Tokyo Dome concert previously only available in Japan.

January 2021

The GOATS HEAD SOUP boxset re-issue is due 4 September containing four discs with an anticipated rarities and remixes album documented below. It also contains two remixes of the standard album. One is a 2020 mix, and another is a souped-up surround sound experience. Bob Clearmountain's recent Stones mixes in the last 10+ years have always been made in 5.1 but have not been released. The only Stones 5.1 releases have been Sympathy For The Devil from 2003 and a version of the 2012 compilation GRRR! LET IT BLEED and EXILE ON MAIN ST have also been released in this format. Full engineer credits are not available yet for the release.

12 August 2020

The Sessionography Appendix has been updated based on studio logs of unheard tracks from the Black And Blue sessions.

12 August 2020

A new single was releassed via a download on 7 July. Criss Cross is from the forthcoming box set re-release of the 1973 album GOATS HEAD SOUP. It was available as an out-take but has been re-mixed with additional vocals by Mick Jagger which do not alter the integrity of the original 1972/73 recording. A vibrant video directed by Diana Kunst supports the release. Criss Cross is one of three new tracks from the 4 September release. Two are unheard - Scarlet which Keith Richards and Jimmy Page worked on in October 1974 and a track named All The Rage. The remainder are alternative versions and four Glyn John's mixes from 1973. Two of these are only available from the Japanese release. The box set will also include a re-release of the BRUSSELS AFFAIR lve album from 1973.

Criss Cross Video

13 July 2020

The Rolling Stones released a video single titled Living In A Ghost Town earlier this week. A 10-inch vinyl single will be released on the 26 June 2020. The technical information is detailed below. The track originates from last year's sessions in London and Los Angeles. The lyrics were amended this year to reflect the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus. The video below illustrates the stark reality of vacant cities - even the coastal town of Margate.

25 April 2020

Rumours have started on IORR that we may hear new Stones content on 23 April. A track named Living In A Ghost Town is referred to. It is probably from last year's sessions with recent production completion.

IMPORTANT update video track is available HERE Living In A Ghost Town

23 April 2020

The Rolling Stones played YCAGWYW in their respective homes for the Global Citizen, One World: Together At Home benefit for the Covid-19 healthcare workers. #WeAreOne

19 April 2020

In light of the Covid-19 virus the Stones have announced the postponement of their North American summer tour.

18 March 2020

The Stones have announced 15 dates for the continuation of their No Filter Tour (2017-2020). Locations are in those North American markets where they have not recently played. See the link for ticket details on sale next week:Tickets

8 February 2020

Early February has seen the release of posters and display boards in various USA/Canada cities. This confirms the 4th leg of the No Filter 2017-2020 tour although the name has not been confirmed yet. It will be a late Spring / early Summer North American tour leg.

4 February 2020

At the end of 2019 ABKCO made their annual attempt at preserving copyright protection on unreleased tracks and out-takes. Over 120 recordings became available for a 24 hour period. They included live recordings from the 1969 USA tour (including two MSG concerts) and most significantly studio session out-takes. The image below documents ten new recordings. Further info - see this site Appendices and Nico Zentgraf, Felix Aeppli, IORR websites.

9 January 2020

The new archive release from The Rolling Stones is released on 8 November - Bridges To Buenos Aires. The audio was recorded on 5 April 1998 by Ed Cherney with Dave Hewitt. The video is likely to have been directed by Jim Gable and Dick Carruthers.

16 September 2019

Significant new tracks from the 1982 UNDERCOVER sessions have been made available on bootleg. Three are brand new: Gotta Know You (a reggae track), The Dog (a fast rocker) and Chris' Song (a soft ballad named after Chris Kimsey). The identity of another new rocker with brass - Dog Shit is being researched.
Outtakes known only in name, now have bootleg tracks - Pink Pick (an instrumental lacking melody), Pull Over (repetitive fast rocker), Melobar (a mid-tempo instrumental jam).

20 March 2019

The She's A Rainbow live from Paris is featured within a bonus live album from a new compilation HONK released 19 April. The full track listing is:

1. Get Off Of My Cloud - 15-Jun-2018, Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales.
2. Dancing With Mr. D - 15-Oct-2017, Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands.
3. Beast of Burden (with Ed Sheeran) - 27-Jun-2015, Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, USA.
4. She's A Rainbow - 25-Oct-2017, U Arena, Paris, France.
5. Wild Horses (with Florence Welch) - 25-May-2018, London Stadium, London, England.
6. Let's Spend The Night Together - 5-Jun-2018, Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England.
7. Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley) - 18-Jun-2013, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, USA.
8. Shine A Light - 30-Sep-2017, Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
9. Under My Thumb - 22-May-2018, London Stadium, London, England.
10. Bitch (with Dave Grohl) - 18-May-2013, Honda Center, Anaheim, USA.

20 March 2019

A new release is set for Record Store Day on 13 April 2019 by Universal Music. A 10-inch Vinyl Single will feature She's A Rainbow from the 2017 No Filter tour - U Arena, Nanterre, Paris, France - 25-10-2017.

2 March 2019

ABKCO have followed their normal end of year practise and released outtakes they want to secure from out of copyright protection on 13 December 2018. Only the Child Of The Moon outtake had not been heard before.

16 January 2019


The new book "The Rolling Stones Setlists" by Ronnie Wood and Genesis Publications is out this December. Matt Lee assisted with archive material and Martin Elliott placed the setlists in their historical context.
The Blue And Lonesome sessions are documented within the book. They were recording at British Grove Studios in London three years ago this week. New Session Tracks are named from the December 2015 Setlists. These are Bad Luck Hideaway, Fool's Paradise, Bottom Of My Heart and Never There.
The exact track information and running order day by day for the British Grove Sessions during December 2015 is within the book. As well as the above, The Drive Me Too Hard and Get Out Of My Way outtakes which were named within the booklet for the Blue And Lonesome album are also documented.
Rehearsal days with confirmation of facilities used are also documented within the 198-page book featuring 150 photographs and over 100 setlists from 2005 to 2018. Limited to 1,000 numbered editions signed by Ronnie Wood and bound in burgundy leather (295 GBP) or 425 numbered editions with artwork and signed by Ronnie Wood and bound in blue leather (695 GBP).
Ronnie Wood Setlists

11 December 2018

The 2019 USA Tour was announced yesterday by the Rolling Stones. The IORR website was accurate as ever. Expect extra dares to be added in the big market cities depending on ticket sales. The tasty prospect of the New Orleans Jazz Festival was not announced. The up to date position can be viewed here: IORR

20 November 2018

The 2019 USA Tour is taking shape. Hints continue to be given by the Rolling Stones of prospective venues. The It's Only Rock 'n' Roll fan website has reported these rumoured dates for the early summer of 2019. The up to date position can be viewed here: IORR

19 November 2018

Touring looks set to continue into 2019. The Rolling Stones are dropping hints at stadiums in the USA.

6 November 2018

The Rolling Stones No Stopping part of the No Filter tour has been announced and tickets are on sale now at the normal large prices. Dublin, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, back to Twickenham, Berlin, Marseille, Stuttgart, Prague and Warsaw are on the list.

27 February 2018

The Rolling Stones rumoured early summer UK and Irish tour has been extended to include dates in Europe. Shows being considered so far include Dublin, Southampton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Marseille, Berlin and Poland. Posters have appeared in some cities naming the tour No Stopping. The shows should be confirmed in the next few weeks.

21 February 2018

The Rolling Stones have won a Grammy award for best Blues album at the 60th annual ceremony in New York on 28 January. The award was in the category American Roots and specifically for a Traditional Blues album.

29 January 2018

On 1 December the Rolling Stones released their BBC recordings in a double extended edition package containing 32 tracks from 1963 to 1965. All were previously available since the 1980s but in low quality bootleg. Of course, the sonic upgrade is appreciated even if the reason for the delay in releasing is not fully understood. The release has been made jointly between ABKCO, Polydor Records and of course the band themselves.

1 December 2017

Attending the Hamburg Stones No Filter concert was an arduous task with only a couple of exit and entrance points. There was mud and some bark placed on a woodland trail that would have been perfect on a lazy Sunday in the sun. There was a complete lack of organisation and helpers. Even once you gained access to the field arena there was a struggle to get to your seat. It was very bad but onwards to the show. The show was good considering it was the first one. It was very understated and at times lacked pace. However, to witness Play With Fire from 1990 and Dancing With Mr D - last played in 1973 was very special. Let's hope that with some work they can stay in the concert. Mick worked hard but there was a lack of energy in the crowd which seeped through to the band. It was also welcome to see a complete revamp of the setlist and 22 songs. Memorable but not a classic. See a song by song review on my Facebook page.

12 September 2017

Last November I facilitated a meeting between Marcelo Sonaglioni and Chris Kimsey. Chris was very gracious with his time and despite interviewing him twice before I still gained much information. I helped with the transcription. Marcelo did a good job and this is a reference document that will be referred to for many years. Thank you Chris.

12 September 2017
The Interview

Two weeks of rehearsals for the No Filter European tour took place in West London from the 21 August to 1 September. The band, entourage and equipment have flown to Hamburg for the first show on Saturday. The stage looks to have a new design with four towers housing video screens. The front of stage pit area looks to be extended in size at least for the Hamburg field/park gig. Dates are listed below in previous news.

6 September 2017

A new session track from UNDERCOVER - The Golden Mile has been made available to download. Longer versions of prior 30 second snippets - Christine, In Your Hand, Hideaway, Flirty, Identification and Heartbeat have also appeared on this download. All are from the UNDERCOVER sessions. On the same download there is a new take of All About You from the EMOTIONAL RESCUE sessions.

3 August 2017

The band have just concluded two weeks of sessions (30 May - 9 June 2017) for an up and coming new album rumoured to be released later this year. The sessions were at British Grove studios in London. Don Was was producing the sessions recorded by engineer Krish Sharma and engineers from British Grove.

12 June 2017

On 9 May, the Rolling Stones announced a 14 date tour of Europe in September/October. The tour excludes Great Britain which they claim will be played in 2018. A lack of venues was their explanation for not playing the UK but 'tax reasons' was commonly cited by fans. It will be their 13th European tour since their inception and is named No Filter. The shows include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and three in France.

26 May 2017

The band look as though they may take to the road again this autumn in Europe. They will commence in Germany with dates unknown at this stage. IORR is reporting that they will play Munich Olympic Stadium on 12 September but this is unlikely to be the opening night.


6 May 2017

The Rolling Stones have won three awards this evening at the Jazz FM Awards. Blues Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Charlie was presented with Gold Award for his significant contribution to Jazz and Blues.
Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

25 April 2017

The release of Paul Dugdale's documentary film A Trip Across Latin America on DVD / Blu-Ray format is available from 26 May 2017 in standard retail shops. The release will include bonus cuts of various songs from the Latina tour and in Japan when their release is made on 12 May 2017 it will include three extra songs. The full song list is Jumpin' Jack Flash * (Santiago 3/2/16), Out Of Control (Buenos Aires 10/2/16), Paint It Black (Buenos Aires 10/2/16), Honky Tonk Women (Rio de Janeiro 24/2/16), Sympathy For The Devil (Rio de Janeiro 24/2/16), You Got The Silver (Lima 6/3/16), Midnight Rambler (Lima 6/3/16), Miss You (Lima 6/3/16), Street Fighting Man * (Mexico City 14/3/16), Wild Horses * (Mexico City 14/3/16). * Japan release only.

22 March 2017

The new album BLUE AND LONESOME has entered the UK charts on its first week at Number One. It becomes the band's tweltfth UK Number One album.

9 December 2016

The release of the new single from the album Blue And Lonesome will be a cover of Just Your Fool. This will showcase Mick Jagger's harp playing. The title track and single are Little Walter covers. The single is likely to be heard for the first time on 6 October while the album is scheduled for 2 December. Don Was who produced the album has described it as 'crude and authentic'. The album was recorded in December 2015 at British Grove Recording Studios in London. Eric Clapton will be a guest on a couple of numbers.

5 October 2016

Following the release of Havana Moon in cinemas on 23 September, the DVD, LP and CD version will be released on 11 November 2016. The tracklist is Jumping Jack Flash, It's Only Rock N Roll, Out Of Control, Angie, Paint It Black, Honky Tonk Women, You Got The Silver, Midnight Rambler, Gimme Shelter, Sympathy For The Devil, Brown Sugar, You Can't Always Get What You Want and Satisfaction. The bonus features include Tumbling Dice, All Down The Line, Before They Make Me Run, Miss You and Start Me Up.

Picture from the Havana Moon film by Paul Dugdale

27 September 2016

Bjornulf Vik of IORR has reported that the Chicago blues album referred to here in April will be released in December. A further album of new material is set for release during 2017. Keith Richards and Ron Wood have spoken about covers of 11 blues songs including Howlin Wolf and Little Walter amongst others. Eric Clapton is featured on two songs - perhaps Keys To The Highway. Don Was has produced the album which was recorded at British Grove in London.

Picture unknown from Crossroads 2013

24 August 2016

Paul Dugdale has certainly been busy with two films featuring the Stones South America Ole tour. Premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September we have 'Ole, Ole, Ole - A Trip Across Latin America' and just announced 'Havana Moon' to be premiered in cinemas for one night only on 23 September. This is a concert film of the Stones appearing in Havana, Cuba on 25 March this year. The latter is likely to be released on DVD. Perhaps Ole will be an accompanying bonus feature!

28 July 2016

The Stones hinted at some October activity with a recent video and now it has been confirmed... they play the Coachella festival later this year in California with tickets on sale next week. It is expected they will announce other dates in the USA around this Deserttrip festival appearance.

3 May 2016

The Exhibitionism exhibition has revealed specific session details for the Some Girls sessions. One of the exhibits lists masters from Some Girls during 1977/1978. Several tracks have not been heard before or may be known with a different name. These include: Are You Ready, All My Life, BT, Distant Melody, Gone Dead Train, Havana, I Used To Be Down, Last Rolled Blues, Rambling, Tuesday Night and Woody's Motown.

Other exhibits also include the log books for Some Girls of which the above was extracted plus the log books for Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You. Chris Kimsey asked assistant engineer, Barry Sage to document the sessions and Barry added his doodles. The Exhibition wrongly credits them to Ian Stewart. These log books were thought by Chris Kimsey and Barry Sage to be lost or destroyed by water damage. Chris told Martin Elliott in 2011, "They were so special, lots of comments and doodles." Thankfully these log books have been located and their content could reveal so much history and detail. Unfortunately, for the moment, all you can see is their covers at the Saatchi Gallery and beyond for another four years!

12 April 2016

The Rolling Stones are recording again last week and this week in a London Studio likely to be British Grove. Having opened their Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery the band quickly got back to work on the recordings made in December at the same studio. Bernard Fowler has taken photos of Keith Richards in a studio setting and Keith also filmed a small tribute for Merle Haggard from a studio. It is also thought that Carl Falk has been involved in production of a single.

12 April 2016

Keith Richards and Ron Wood have revealed that plans are advanced for a new album to be released potentially this year. In December they recorded in London for two weeks from 3 to 16 December. Ron Wood has told Associated Press "We went in to cut some new songs, which we did, but we got on a blues streak. We cut 11 blues in two days. They are extremely great cover versions of Howlin Wolf and Little Walter, among other blues people. But they really sound authentic."
BBC Entertainment.

5 April 2016

The Rolling Stones opened their Exhibitionism at the Saatchi gallery in London on 4 April 2016. The exhibition features nine rooms with different facets and artefacts of their career and lasts until September when it will move to different countries. Sky News reported the opening as follows:

4 April 2016

The Rolling Stones concluded their South American tour with an ambitious gig in Havana, Cuba said to be in front of a 500,000 crowd.

26 March 2016

The next release of DVD and CD / Vinyl From The Vault is likley to be a STRIPPED release featuring the already released documentary and CD but with brand new DVD of the famed club shows from the 1995 European Voodoo Lounge tour of Paris Olympia (recorded by Ed Cherney), London Brixton Academy (recorded by Chris Kimsey) - both shows in full and a montage of Amsterdam Paradiso (Ed Cherney). The mix will be by Bob Clearmountain. The release date will be waited with much anticipation by fans.

5 February 2016

The tour leg in South America kicks off tonight in Santiago, Chile then continues to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Mexico and Cuba. They have not toured there for ten years so expect some awesome gigs with lots of noise. Arriba, ole.

3 February 2016

Rehearsals for the South American gigs started in Los Angeles this week. New vocalist Sasha Allen takes the place of Lisa Fischer who decided to tour in her own right this year. Sasha has toured with Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Usher. Lisa tweeted to Sasha - "you are sooo going to rock this!" Good luck to Sasha and Lisa!

20 January 2016

The band are in an unknown studio in London this week for recording sessions. Mick, Keith and Ronnie have all spoken independently that they intended to record together and it would seem that diaries have now synchronised. It is likely that Don Was is producing the sessions.

8 December 2015

The Americana Ole South and Central American tour has been announced today. Dates in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico are on the list with Cuba expected to follow.

5 November 2015

Keith Richards new album CROSSEYED HEART is released this Friday and he confirms that there are plans for The Rolling Stones to go back in the studio. All members have agreed to this so potentially more Stones Sessions.
Thus says NME.

16 September 2015

A new session track has come to light on a reel to reel tape. No One Loves You More Than Me and unheard takes of As Tears Go By. The tape emanated from the IBC studios. The reel to reel also contains the original five March 1963 session tracks on what appears to be a compilation tape from various dates. The full track listing is Diddley Daddy, Road Runner, Bright Lights Big City, I Want To Be Loved, Baby What's Wrong, As Tears Go By, Congratulations, No One Loves You More Than Me and another take of As Tears Go By.

2 September 2015

The next tour leg is almost set for Central and South America. IORR.ORG has speculated on dates and both Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood have referred to plans for South America in February 2016. Planned countries include Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Keith also reckons he might try to persuade the band to go in a studio next year after the tour dates. Look out for his solo album CROSSEYED HEART released on 18 September.

2 September 2015

Chuck Leavell's book Between Rock And A Home Place confirms the existence of a Keith Richards boogie number named Smooth 180 from the 2002 Paris sessions. In addition Keith's solo album CROSSEYED HEART has a title called Trouble which was originally recorded at the same sessions and known as Just Because.

6 August 2015

Quite by surprise The Rolling Stones have released a download on 29 June 2015 of part of the recording from the Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles on 20 May 2015. The tracks are all of those featured from the Sticky Fingers album. Mixed by Bob Clearmountain the band sound great considering it was the opening date of their North American Zip Code tour.

7 July 2015

The Rolling Stones have released The Marquee - Live In 1971 principally on DVD but also vinyl and CD. The sound was captured originally by Glyn Johns and Jeremy Gee with re-mastering by Mick McKenna, Bob Clearmountain and Stephen Marcussen. There are also bonus alternative takes of I Got The Blues and Bitch from the Marquee and Brown Sugar from Top Of The Pops. The TOTP footage for Bitch and Wild Horses although broadcast in 1971 had unfortunately been wiped. See Appendices for track listings.

23 June 2015

The Rolling Stones have released Sticky Fingers with five outtakes including Wild Horses (acoustic), Can't You Hear Me Knocking (short and punchy), Bitch (extended and raw), Dead Flowers and Brown Sugar (Eric Clapton's version previously available on bootleg). In addition great live material from March 1971 including Leeds University, The Roundhouse and two tracks from The Marquee on DVD. It is the Stones live and unparalleled in great recording definition, captured originally by Glyn Johns and re-mastered by Bob Clearmountain and Stephen Marcussen. Beware of the credits which do not mention Chris Kimsey and Alan O'Duffy who with Glyn Johns recorded the alternate Brown Sugar with Eric Clapton, Bobby Keys and Al Kooper.

9 June 2015

The Rolling Stones have been rehearsing in Los Angeles since 11 May. Last night they played the Fonda Theatre in front of Hollywood 'A' listers and a few lucky fans who had travelled from afar. In a completely unique setlist they played the whole of Sticky Fingers and concluded with an encore of Rock Me Baby, Jumpin' Jack Flash and Can't Turn You Loose. The band commence their North American tour in San Diego on Sunday and continue until mid July with a gig in Quebec.

21 May 2015

The Rolling Stones have announced the re-issue of Sticky Fingers. The super de-luxe edition contains a bonus of Brown Sugar featuring Eric Clapton, alternative versions of Bitch, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Dead Flowers and Wild Horses plus 5 live tracks from the 14 March 1971 London Roundhouse performance. There will also be 13 tracks from Leeds University on 13 March - Get Your Leeds Lungs Out. To cap the release there will be a DVD of two tracks from the Marquee show on 26 March and a 7" single of Brown Sugar and Wild Horses. Bonanza!!
Sticky Fingers news.

31 March 2015

The worst kept secret on the Internet has now been confirmed by the Rolling Stones. They will be playing a summer tour of USA cities and also the festival of summer in Quebec, Canada. Tickets are on sale April 13. A complete tour list can be found on IORR.
IORR tour news.

31 March 2015

A Spring tide has washed in some more gems from the same source as Foxes In The Boxes. This time Vol 2 with three new Dirty Work sessions tracks - Talk Is Cheap (KR), Stick It Where It Hurts (RW) and Victor Hugo (KR). All three are Keith and Ron tracks recorded without Mick. The latter is an indictment of the anger surrounding the sessions.

Full details - see appendices.

23 March 2015

A new session track has become available on bootleg in excellent quality - High School Girl from the Undercover sessions. Two previously named tracks but unavailable are both on the same bootleg - You Keep It Cool and Can't Find Love (both Undercover outtakes). An early outtake of Neighbours is a highlight with guide vocals. Additionally new outtakes of Chainsaw Rocker (aka Stop That - Undercover) and Eliza Upchink (from Dirty Work) can be found on the same bootleg - Foxes In The Boxes (Vol 1).

20 March 2015

The tour announcement has been delayed presumably to finalise venue negotiations and date details.

19 March 2015

The USA/Canada tour is taking shape and an announcement is due on Thursday this week. Stadiums seem to be core to the initial announcement but smaller events may also occur which may have a Sticky Fingers theme to celebrate an extended re-release of the album.

IORR tour news.

16 March 2015

Strong rumours coming from Ronnie Wood that short and sharp USA & Canada dates may occur this summer - June & July. South America maybe to follow with a possible return to the UK & Europe for 2016. However all tour legs are only approved a few months before they are scheduled so don't spend the family jewels before dates are confirmed.

IORR is confident of possible dates.

11 February 2015

I find it hard to believe that another legend has peaked and gone over. Such a lovely person who I had the privelege to meet.

RIP Ian 'Mac' McLagan.

3 December 2014

Very sad news to read the condolences for the death of Bobby Keys. He was a great band contributor and bonhommie not just to the Stones but rock fraternity. RIP Bobby.

Bobby Keys - Five Great Performances

2 December 2014

The final leg of 2014 was concluded tonight in the Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand. There were eight concerts in total within Australia and New Zealand. One show was cancelled at Hanging Rock due to Mick Jagger suffering a throat infection - all gigs since that date have seen Keith Richards set to increase to three numbers. The touring band will receive some months of rest now, let alone the fans who followed them and gave us such great reports such as Bjornulf Vik, IORR. There has been no confirmation of any further dates although South America, USA and London have been rumoured for 2015.

22 November 2014

The Rolling Stones moved on to Melbourne for another successful appearance at the Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday. However, their concert in the outback of Hanging Rock has been cancelled due to a Mick Jagger throat infection. It is hoped that their planned schedule will continue next Wednesday in Sydney before gigs in Hunter Valley, Brisbane and Auckland.

7 November 2014

The Rolling Stones played their first gig in Adelaide, Australia today since their early summer jaunt in Europe. The stadiums at Adelaide Oval and Auckland are the biggest gigs on this leg of the tour. They stuck to the same setlist format that worked for them in Europe, Asia and the USA. Next they fly west to Perth for two shows - 29 October and 1 November.

25 October 2014

New tracks added to the 1978 Wally Heider (RCA) Sessions. This was the session produced by Chris Kimsey with engineer support from Alex Vertikoff. Following correspondence with Alex (many thanks) two tracks have been added namely 'Barcelona' and 'If Your Man Gets Lost'. Unfortunately they remain 'unavailable'. The sessions were arranged after the brief 1978 USA Some Girls tour to enable as many songs to be made available prior to Keith Richards's court appearance in Canada. Tracks eventually released from those sessions include Hang Fire, Summer Romance, Where The Boys Go, Tallahassee Lassie and The Harder They Come. Details can be found by navigating to the session appendix.
The re-release of Some Girls including Tallahassee Lassie.

16 October 2014

The band play Adelaide in ten days and news from RS.COM says, "Due to being a bit under the weather, Bobby Keys will not be joining the Stones on the Australian and NZ tour dates...Bobby is under doctors orders to take it a bit easy for the next month and hopes to see everyone soon." Meanwhile, saxophonist Karl Denson will join the touring band. Get well soon Bobby.
Karl Denson takes a dream job...

15 October 2014

Rock In Rio is scheduled for Las Vegas in May 2015 and the Rolling Stones are being promoted as a headliner. Bruce Springsteen has been confirmed and the Stones are close to finalising arrangements. Rumours continue to circulate regarding gigs in London in the summer 2015.
Rock In Rio website

11 September 2014

The rescheduled Australasia Tour commences on Saturday October 25 in Adelaide, Australia. Rumours of a South American leg from February to April 2015 taking in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Columbia and Mexico are very strong and likely to be announced in the next couple of months. Will they play 15 gigs? The IORR website was predicting a rumoured tour back in July 2014.
IORR website.
La Republica (Peru) website.

8 September 2014

The European summer tour progressed to the Latin cities of Roma and Madrid. The band responded accordingly. Then a festival at Werchter before the Scandinavian tour concluders in Stockholm and the annual festival in Roskilde on 3 July.

(c) Martin Elliott.

(c) Martin Elliott - Madrid 25 June.

9 July 2014

The tour has continued at the Pink Pop Festival and by all accounts they raised the bar for this festival. Onwards to the cities of Berlin, Paris, Vienna before a return to Germany for Dusseldorf. The venue in Berlin was the wonderful, atmospheric amphitheatre of the Waldbuhne.

(c) Martin Elliott.

(c) Axel Schumacher - Berlin Waldbuhne 10 June.

(c) Martin Elliott.

(c) Dirk Snapper - Berlin Waldbuhne 10 June.

14 June 2014

This week, the Rolling Stones commenced their European tour leg with a low-key concert in the small Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway. Next they journey to Lisbon for a festival before a stadium in Zurich. Then they play their first ever concert in Israel before the tour continues with a further ten dates.

29 May 2014

Two new tracks have been added to the Sessionography. They are from the UNDERCOVER sessions (11 November - 16 December 1982) and are simply titled Blues Instrumental I & II. Slow in style they feature the piano work of Ian Stewart and slide guitar. Chris Kimsey was at the controls.

14 May 2014

The Rolling Stones have confirmed the European summer tour and announced their intention to reschedule their Australian and New Zealand dates for October/November 2014.

7 April 2014

Most of the remaining European tour dates have been confirmed by local promoters. Understandably, there has been no official confirmation from the band. The current list is Oslo, Lisbon, Zurich, Landgraaf, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Rome, Werchter, Stockholm and Roskilde. A further date in Madrid is expected and there is a possibility of a gig in Tel-Aviv. The tour runs from May 26 to July 3.
European dates from the IORR website.

24 March 2014

Further European dates in June have been placed on sale today via The Rolling Stones and local web sites for dates in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Rome. Vienna is imminent too. Meanwhile the band have left Perth to return home and recuperate following the sad death of L'Wren Scott.
Potential European dates

20 March 2014

After the very sad news of the death of L'Wren Scott, The Rolling Stones have understandably postponed their Australasia leg of the tour. Condolences to all and RIP L'Wren Scott.
Mick's website message

The Rolling Stones' Announcement

18 March 2014

The band has confirmed two dates today for the European summer leg of the tour. They are playing the Pink Pop Festival (Netherlands) and also the TW Classic (Belgium). The IORR list has other festivals and stadiums rumoured so the hope of smaller arenas are fading.

12 March 2014

The Rolling Stones concluded their third Tokyo Dome show this evening (30th since 1990). Audiences witnessed Silver Train for the first time since 1973 and Emotional Rescue for the first time ever in Japan. The band move on to China for two shows before Singapore and their arrival on the Australasia continent for seven concerts.

6 March 2014

The Rolling Stones started their Asia Pacific tour leg with a concert at du Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi in the UAE last night (21 February). It was a risk free concert of 2 hours featuring 19 songs enabling them to find their feet before their next gig in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday 26 February. The IORR Review page

22 February 2014

Session appendices updated as a result of the ABKCO electronic download release of an acoustic version of I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys from a hotel in Dublin or Belfast 3-4 September 1965. The track was featured in the closing credits of the film Charlie Is My Darling and was released for download on 6 November 2012.

20 February 2014

Rehearsals for 2014 On Fire Asia Pacific Tour were conducted in Bondy, Paris, France - 3 to 14 February 2014. On the last day 27 fans were allowed to watch the band rehearse 11 songs in a 'concert' format including She's So Cold and Mick Taylor on Silver Train. He also played on Midnight Rambler and Slipping Away.

14 February 2014

Correspondence with Bobby Whitlock and Marc Roberty (September 2013) revealed a session during November 1971 at Olympic Studios where Bobby Whitlock contributed to I Just Wanna See His Face. It is likely other songs were recorded at this session. The session appendix has been amended as a result.

4 February 2014

A new track was added to the Sessionography - I'm Free (Jellybean Remix) which was made available in 2007 by ABKCO on a CDR. Additional tracks from the computer game Guitar Hero 3 were acknowledged. These included an extended version of Paint It Black (3.50), an instrumental and a vocal remix of Gimme Shelter.

2 October 2013

A download was made available in April 2013 through the Rolling Stones Phone App of Angie live from Korakuen Dome, Tokyo, Japan recorded on 27 February 1990.

16 September 2013

An additional version of One More Shot (Jeff Bhasker Mix) was released on a download single on 18 June 2013. The Session appendix has been updated.

31 July 2013

Chris Kimsey taking refreshments at the Olympic Studios canteen April 2012
Chris Kimsey taking refreshments at the
Olympic Studios canteen (April, 2012)!
Courtesy of Chris Kimsey

Photos above and below courtesy of Doug Potash

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