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The Rolling Stones Complete
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Rolling Stones

(Jagger, Richards) 3.32

June, November - December 2004, January, March - April; June 2005: Place: La Fourchette Home Studio, Fourchette, Tours, France &
St. Vincent's Home Studio, West Indies; Ocean Way Studio & Henson Studios, Hollywood, California, USA.

Played Live: 2005, 2006
Producer: Don Was, The Glimmer Twins.
Engineer: Krish Sharma, Germ n Villacorta
UK CD LP A BIGGER BANG: 5 September 2005: No. 2 - 4 weeks
USA CD LP A BIGGER BANG: 6 September 2005: No. 3 - 19 weeks
UK & USA CD/DVD A BIGGER BANG: 18 November 2005

The album style is pessimistic and bleak, perhaps created by Charlie Watts' initial absence at the songwriting process but also reflecting the perceived loss of strong values prevalent in Britain at the time. This track cuts way back to the authentic blues past of their masters. In interviews, Keith Richards remembered when he first heard Mick Jagger improvising the song and strumming blues chords; he knew it had possibilities. Mick had an old Silvertone guitar which sounded particularly good when played in slide style. On hearing Mick play it, Keith was impressed. His LV (lead vocalist) was quite a proficient master - and why not? By now, with his pedigree and long hair, he was a true blues professor! He felt it sounded like a track they could have cut as long ago as the Chess studio session in 1964. The band could not have been more sparse, as Mick contributed vocals and wonderfully authentic slide guitar but also percussion and a caustic harmonica.

The result was a great work of homage with a bar room slow stomp bass beat sometimes created with a foot on the floor. On first hearing it, fans raved at the genuine bravura result that came out of the delta, bringing the ghost of Muddy Waters and Little Walter with it, whom Keith described as being among their friends. During live performances on the tour, an extra verse was sometimes added. The song has been covered by the British blues duo, Sisters In Grease.

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