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Rolling Stones

(Jagger, Richard) 4.54
AKA: Sophia Loren

7 June - October 1971; September - November; December 2009: Place: Rolling Stones Mobile, Nellcôte, France; One East Studio, New York,
Henson Studios, Village Recording; Mix This!, Los Angeles, USA.
Rolling Stones with Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys, Jim Price, Jimmy Miller, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle.

Producer: Jimmy Miller, Don Was, The Glimmer Twins.
Engineer: Glyn Johns; Additional Engineering and Editing: Krish Sharma; Mixed by Bob Clearmountain.
Other Production: Andy Johns.
UK CD EXILE ON MAIN ST (EXTRA TRACKS): 17 May 2010: No. 1 - 10 weeks
USA CD EXILE ON MAIN ST (EXTRA TRACKS): 18 May 2010: No. 1 - 3 weeks

One of the pleasures on the EXILE bonus disc is the track, much-fêted in bootleg history but never heard before, labelled Sophia Loren. Don Was, reflecting on the release, said: “that was a joy finding that”. The re-work by Mick Jagger and Don Was is a real highlight, the original evidently centring around the piano and sax foundations from Nellcôte. It has a loose calypso groove to it and the newly-recorded vocals do not have a reference to Sophia Loren other than Mick dreaming: “So pass me the wine, baby, and let's make some love”.

Sophia was a very desirable Italian film star, well known all over the world, but especially on the French and Italian Riviera. Mick said that the original cut was very long and had to be edited to its five-minute format as Pass The Wine. As well as Mick's distinctly modern vocal and harmonica input, Lisa Fischer and Cindy Mizelle overdubbed backing vocals in the period mode. Cindy had not recorded in the Stones' studio before but was involved as backing singer on the STEEL WHEELS tour. She had recorded a joint single with Lisa in 2008. Mick Taylor plays some great BB King-type licks and both he and Nicky Hopkins were great contributors to the song, just economically flicking in the notes as required.

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