Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Complete
Recording Sessions 1962 - 2012


Rolling Stones

(Jagger, Richard) 4.32
AKA: Aladdin Stomp, Aladdin Story

March 1969, 21 - 31 October 1970; September - November; December 2009: Place: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England; One East Studio,
New York, Henson Studios, Village Recording; Mix This!, Los Angeles, USA.
Rolling Stones with Bobby Keys, Jim Price, Nicky Hopkins.

Producer: Jimmy Miller, Don Was, The Glimmer Twins.
Engineer: Glyn Johns; Additional Engineering and Editing: Krish Sharma; Mixed by Bob Clearmountain.
Other Production: Andy Johns, Chris Kimsey, Keith Harwood.
UK CD EXILE ON MAIN ST (EXTRA TRACKS): 17 May 2010: No. 1 - 10 weeks
USA CD EXILE ON MAIN ST (EXTRA TRACKS): 18 May 2010: No. 1 - 3 weeks

The instrumental track, first known as Aladdin Stomp and reportedly referred to as such in ABKCO’s archives, became bootlegged as Aladdin Story. It was reworked again in 1970 but picked up for the EXILE re-release in 2010, when it appeared without any mention of Aladdin but with “Aladdin Story” included in parentheses in the song title credit. The instrumental backing track was not changed for release but lyrics were written, overdubbed and multi-tracked by Mick Jagger. The main riff was by Bobby Keys on saxophone and the style is very much soft rock. There was also a lead guitar signature recorded and added by Keith Richards at One East Studio in 2009. In 1999, a British electronic group, Death In Vegas, recorded a faithful version with a two-line lyric on their album THE CONTINO SESSIONS.


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