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Rolling Stones

(Jagger, Richard) 2.18
AKA:All Part Of The Act

3-11 August; 8 November - 6 December 1966: Place: RCA Studios, Hollywood, USA; Olympic Sound Studios, Barnes, London, England.
Producer: Andrew Oldham.
Engineer: Dave Hassinger; Glyn Johns.
Assistant Engineer: Eddie Kramer.
UK LP BETWEEN THE BUTTONS: 20 January 1967: No. 3 - 22 weeks
USA LP BETWEEN THE BUTTONS: 11 February 1967: No. 2 - 19 weeks
UK LP SOLID ROCK: 13 October 1980

Essentially the music on BETWEEN THE BUTTONS reflects the Carnaby Street revolution and, musically, contemporary British bands such as Cream, The Kinks and The Yardbirds. In short, it is certainly derivative as opposed to innovative. All Sold Out, originally known as All Part Of The Act, has a progressive, heavy feel, with an undercurrent of electric guitar solos which somehow lead you to expect more, but only exasperate by fading out before improvisation starts.

The brevity of the track, at 2 minutes 15 seconds, heightens this effect, though the cymbal work and production of Charlie Watts’ percussion sound is the high spot again. Brian Jones presumably plays the wistful recorder. The alternative title may have been the earlier RCA version. A backing track without vocals and a different guitar sound exists as an out-take (* a - 2.48).

Glyn Johns had worked for Andrew Oldham on his solo projects and was a good friend of Ian Stewart. He got on well with the band and became a natural choice for their work in a London studio of which the Olympic Studios was a perfect choice and became their first choice for the next four years.

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