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207. EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE (Russell, Burke, Wexler) *LIVE* 0.33

5-16 March 1965: Place: IBC Mobile Unit, London Edmonton Regal, Liverpool Empire, Manchester Palace, England.
Producer: Andrew Oldham.
Engineer: Glyn Johns.
UK EP Got Live If You Want It!: 11 June 1965
German Compilation LP THE REST OF THE BEST: December 1983
UK & USA CD box set THE ROLLING STONES SINGLES - 1963 - 1965: 4 May 2004

This live track kicks off a completely spontaneous recording of the band on their sixth British tour. An IBC Mobile Unit with a two-track recorder, arranged by Andrew Oldham, was used, the aim being to record the band as though you were sat in the cinema watching them. He wanted to create a ball of sound which enveloped the listener, where no particular sound is more important than the other.

Glyn Johns masterminded the recording by dangling a few microphones over the balcony at selected gigs. It was the first time Glyn had agreed to record with them since the IBC studio sessions - it had taken three years for him to cool off. The decision to release these sparse recordings was a brave one but the record did not claim to be anything other than just a fair representation of the band at work. The rest of the tracks on the EP, which was released digitally for the first time on a CD box set of singles nearly 40 years later, follow

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